Are you a “texture” eater?

For me I love the texture of food.  I just have to have a “crunch” sometimes.   So as I sit here working out my finger typing they are becoming more and more salty…. not because of them sweating but because of the bag of potato chips next to the key board!  Oh no…here it comes….. [Continue Reading]

Wholesale Scrapbooking without the Scraps!

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Easy workout while you are on the Phone!

Okay, I haven’t typed for a while about the workouts that I have been doing but I am proud to say I have lost over 6% of body fat! I don’t think my clothes looks much different on me but I fit into them better!   I have been working my muscles!!!      Here is the… [Continue Reading]

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial Freebie!!

Digital scrapbooking is starting to become more of an interest to those of us who do not scrapbook.  Digital Scrapbooking really is the next generation of scrapbooking.  I am starting to post the questions that come through from those of you who are asking certain questions about how to do certain steps in your editing… [Continue Reading]

5 Important Steps for Organizing Photos.

1. I  create a small space for you to work in.  (the larger the space the more piles you will make, NOT neccessary and NOT productive.
2. gather the photos you have been wanting to sort.
3. Have Post it notes, felt tip marker and  two containers – shoebox size, prefferably plastic for protection.
4.  Focus on only making 2… [Continue Reading]

Addition 10% off on already reduced 1/2 price Cavases!

DECEMBER IS HERE and just announced Double Discounts on Canvases!
You love the “Buy One, Get One Half Off” Canvas Sale, right? Well, it just got even better!
Publish any size of canvas before December 11th and get an additional 10% off at checkout! Here we go again with the double discounts!
And, we’ve extended the UPS Ground… [Continue Reading]

1/2 off Customized Canvas Sale!

Where did Piss Poor come from?

Sometimes I find an article that I just can’t help sharing, I don’t know who wrote this but it wasn’t me.  If you know, please share.
Interesting … [Continue Reading]