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Digital scrapbooking is starting to become more of an interest to those of us who do not scrapbook.  Digital Scrapbooking really is the next generation of scrapbooking.  I am starting to post the questions that come through from those of you who are asking certain questions about how to do certain steps in your editing… [Continue Reading]

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Where did Piss Poor come from?

Sometimes I find an article that I just can’t help sharing, I don’t know who wrote this but it wasn’t me.  If you know, please share.
Interesting … [Continue Reading]

Don’t Mess With Your Memories

Digital Scrapbooking is here to stay.  If you are not a scrapbooker you are in luck.  If you are a traditional scrapper you are in luck as well.  Why you ask?   Here is my spin on it.
There are so many ways to store your photos, but who actually has the time to do anything with… [Continue Reading]

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