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The joy of Not Scrapbooking but still makeing projects with my photos!

Did I ever imagine that I would be able to go online, find amazing templates to add my photos to and not have to worry about being creative or good on the computer and still make these beautiful family heirlooms?!   I thought I was done taking pictures because  they were just stuck in my computer… [Continue Reading]

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Do you run the other way when someone talks about scrapbooking.  Do you know how to use email?  If you do, then you can start creating your projects online at www.storybookcoach.com and they will send them to you in the mail when you are done.

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Earn paychecks of the heart by helping others create their priceless digital photo books and projects

I consider it one of the best products we offer, the business opportunity to help others preserve their memories before they fade. I am so amazed at how rewarding this business is not only in the paycheck but for the many magic moments it brings to so many lives. Stories are very powerful and we… [Continue Reading]

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Contact me, Your Storybook Coach at kelly@storybookcoach.com if you would like to schedule a free virtual Class/workshop for you and your friends and you will start to earn free product just for sharing what you just found! On average our host earn around $120 in free product just for gathering the friends and… [Continue Reading]

Chalk Talk

Inspirational thoughts as you walk through the neighborhood or your Storybook Creation Website. Find more inspiration and creative design in your stuido at www.storybookcoach.com