Are you a “texture” eater?

For me I love the texture of food.  I just have to have a “crunch” sometimes.   So as I sit here working out my finger typing they are becoming more and more salty…. not because of them sweating but because of the bag of potato chips next to the key board!  Oh no…here it comes….. [Continue Reading]

Easy workout while you are on the Phone!

Okay, I haven’t typed for a while about the workouts that I have been doing but I am proud to say I have lost over 6% of body fat! I don’t think my clothes looks much different on me but I fit into them better!   I have been working my muscles!!!      Here is the… [Continue Reading]

5 Important Steps for Organizing Photos.

1. I  create a small space for you to work in.  (the larger the space the more piles you will make, NOT neccessary and NOT productive.
2. gather the photos you have been wanting to sort.
3. Have Post it notes, felt tip marker and  two containers – shoebox size, prefferably plastic for protection.
4.  Focus on only making 2… [Continue Reading]

Don’t Mess With Your Memories

Digital Scrapbooking is here to stay.  If you are not a scrapbooker you are in luck.  If you are a traditional scrapper you are in luck as well.  Why you ask?   Here is my spin on it.
There are so many ways to store your photos, but who actually has the time to do anything with… [Continue Reading]

Digital Scrapbooking, Holiday Hits and Savings!

Holiday Hits! Check out the savings on your gifts!

Save Money When You Publish your project!  See what weeks you will want to publish your project to save and have it in time for the holidays!

You Now Can Live Forever With 1 Simple Step to Take!

Would you rather live forever or be remembered forever?  I have the solution for 1 way you can live forever.
Thinking of the future without ourselves in the picture is a tough notion to think about. It is too real and finalized.   The future allows you no options for living past what your body can handle… [Continue Reading]

Writing life stories, 9 questions to help you get started.

Writing someone’s life story and keeping it simple is crucial in completing the task. Can story writing be kept simple? Yes.  How?  You just have to start.  Don’t delay. Don’t let you or yours become the photos in the shoe box that are strangers to the onlookers because someone didn’t have the time to write… [Continue Reading]

Writing Life Stories, 5 steps that will do the trick on how to keep it simple, fun and quick.

Writing life stories is an imperative part of connecting the future to the past and building the foundation of our children’s life to come.  However, how do we get started? It seems like such a daunting task.   Start by committing to completing it.

Set realistic boundaries, time frame and guidelines. When do you want to be… [Continue Reading]

Holiday card done digitally with digital photos

start now and get your holiday cards on sale and done before the stress of the holiday season is here.  Use our direct ship option to get your cards out the door as well!

I created this fun holiday card at I used this template (before) and turned it into this
 in the amount of time it took my 5 year to get ready for school and my 2 yr old to play with play-doh.   I will now  use the direct ship option to deliver my fun holiday cards to… [Continue Reading]

Digital scrapbooking, NOT ME!

I would run the other way when anyone talked about scrapbooking. When someone mentioned digital scrapbooking, I thought, NO WAY.  “I am not a scrapper!”    Don’t get me wrong, I envy scrappers and what they can do with their creative energy and the scrapbooks they put together.   Me, NO WAY!  I don’t have the time… [Continue Reading]