Digital Scrapbooking, Holiday Hits and Savings!

Holiday Hits! Check out the savings on your gifts!

Save Money When You Publish your project!  See what weeks you will want to publish your project to save and have it in time for the holidays!

Holiday Greeting Cards On Sale! Offer ends October 31st

Purchase your Holiday cards now and SAVE$$ and create when you are ready to

 Get your holiday cards at a discount.  Pre purchase them and create them when you are ready.  You will have the best looking cards during the holidays!    Use our direct ship to save you more time and help keep your holidays stress free!

Are you a fly or a fish?

 Are your photos stuck in your computer? Are you using shutterfly or snapfish? If you answered yes, see what amazingly easy options you have with all the options you need @   Create a free account and recieve a free Greeting card to try out the system. -perfect place to create your holiday cards!!!!!   If you… [Continue Reading]

Canvas Creation Tips before Publishing

Tips and Tricks for Canvas Creation
1. Our canvases are beautifully hand-made right here  in the USA
2. Because they are lovingly hand-made in all kinds of temperatures, expect the canvas to wrap just a little bit differently every time.
3. Lynda suggests, because of these slight variances that you NOT use borders narrower than ¾ inch to… [Continue Reading]

Digital Scrapbooking Project Ideas

Hot off the press! These digital scrapbooking and digital storybooking ideas came from our monthly consultant newsletter and I just had to share!
Storybooks: Kids have huge imaginations. They are always making up big adventurous stories. Preserve those stories in a storybook. Parents can write the story for the child or kids can write the story… [Continue Reading]

Digital Scrapbooking Freebies! 1 Free Card Stock in Family Folds

I LOVED this idea!  Someone sent in this idea. They designed a family fold and when they got it in the mail they gave it one more personal touch by adding bows.  You can now use our family folds to decorate anywhere! Use as holiday cards, birthday invites, client instructional cards…etc….   Great ideas are found in the template gallery which are… [Continue Reading]

Digital Scrapbook Freebies and Creative Ideas for the Decks of Cards and Holiday Gifts

Digital Scrapbooking and Digital Storybooking isn’t always about the Books.  There are so many different products out there for you to place your photo and stories and memories on.  You can even use products to decorate your home and as alwasy be the number one gift at any occasion!  These examples can be found in… [Continue Reading]