Don’t Mess With Your Memories

Digital Scrapbooking is here to stay.  If you are not a scrapbooker you are in luck.  If you are a traditional scrapper you are in luck as well.  Why you ask?   Here is my spin on it.
There are so many ways to store your photos, but who actually has the time to do anything with… [Continue Reading]

Holiday card done digitally with digital photos

start now and get your holiday cards on sale and done before the stress of the holiday season is here.  Use our direct ship option to get your cards out the door as well!

I created this fun holiday card at I used this template (before) and turned it into this
 in the amount of time it took my 5 year to get ready for school and my 2 yr old to play with play-doh.   I will now  use the direct ship option to deliver my fun holiday cards to… [Continue Reading]

Digital Scrapbooking for the NON Scrapbooker

The joy of Not Scrapbooking but still makeing projects with my photos!

Did I ever imagine that I would be able to go online, find amazing templates to add my photos to and not have to worry about being creative or good on the computer and still make these beautiful family heirlooms?!   I thought I was done taking pictures because  they were just stuck in my computer… [Continue Reading]

What does an Ind. Consultant for Heritage Makers Do?

I provide a service that celebrates life and honors those that are in your family by capturing the stories behind the photos and combining them to create a Storybook, professionally bound, like a library book meant to be loved and cherished for generations.   I will put two links to two completely different outcomes. (you will… [Continue Reading]

Creative Design for your personalized projects

Not enough time, not creative, you want a project created you just don’t want to do it, you don’t have the ambition to do it, this is your first time creating a project…whatever the reason for wanting a project but not wanting to create it yourself is okay.  I have been there!
I will do the… [Continue Reading]