Digital Scrapbooking and Stress Relief

I had some time to think about why I love digital scrapbooking so much. I was the girl who never completed a traditional scrapbook page.   I was inspired when I heard of a new term called digital storybooking.   It is a compliment to scrapbooking but different in so many ways.  I have discovered it is a safe place for me to spend some time away from the hectic stress and craziness of each day.  It is an outlet for creative energy and you see immediate results when you use a template someone else has already created.   The great thing is you are in charge, you can make it look how you want it to look. You can customize your project to look however you would like.  And they are the best gifts to give and receive.  I use the site Heritage Makers and have found many are using it as well and LOVE it. They find it cheaper in price, better quality, WAY more options to design and create their projects. 

It does come with a warning, it can be addicting in a  good way and so rewarding. You will find even though all you need is ten minutes to get your fix, you might find hours have gone by and when you are done. You are ready for the next day and there was no mess left behind or to pick up.  You simple shut your laptop off.

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