Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial Freebie!!

Digital scrapbooking is starting to become more of an interest to those of us who do not scrapbook.  Digital Scrapbooking really is the next generation of scrapbooking.  I am starting to post the questions that come through from those of you who are asking certain questions about how to do certain steps in your editing studio as you design your digital scrapbooking projects.

Thanks Angela for the question.     Sarah needs to be Emily.   What Angela is asking help on is this;  In her digital scrapbook, she is using a pre designed template with the child’s name Sarah.  Her daughter’s name is Emily.  Angela is asking, “How do you change from Sarah to Emily?”    Here is a video to show you how to do this when working in a pre-designed template at

Happy Digital Storybooking and Scrapbooking!   Hope to have you try out my favorite site, it is my home based business as well.  You can start your own business as well with Heritage Makers. Just type my name in so you care connected to me kelly hocks and I will help you with your projects, questions, and starting up your own digital scrapbooking business!

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