Digital Scrapbooking Club with Club HM!

Club HM unlimited artwork and $40 of product for Only $30

New! Hot off the press.  Digital Scrapbooking gone mad!   This is the best Digital Scrapbooking  Club around. We call it digital Storybooking!   If you are looking for a place that will host unlimited photos at high resolution (please check the policy and procedures of the current site you are using many minimize the quality of your photos)  If you are looking for unlimited creativity, unlimited project creation and storage, a HUGE variety of products you can publish, and a friendly passionate scrapping coach to help you from the start of your project to publish! 

Club HM members receive:

• Savings of 41-50% each month

• Premier benefits are included each month

• Publishing points valid for 2 years

• Signup special of 100 pts for $50 is one-time offer


Members agree to a 3-month commitment to join Club.  Point plans then automatically renew monthly. Renewals can be cancelled anytime. 

Club members with previously purchased Premier receive an additional 10 publishing points each month their monthly Club point plan renews

Call me for more info at 612-986-9200 or

Visit to see what our digital storybooking site is all about! If you make a free account enter in my name and I will connect with you to see what questions you have!

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