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About Me, your Storybook Coach, (Indpendent Personal Publishing Consultant for Heritage Makers) and My Mission:

kelly hocks

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  • To enlighten those I encounter, inspire them to write their story and capture their family stories so their great -grandchildren will know their family heroes.
    To inspire the sleeping spirit of those looking for a creative outlet, hobby, or a place to capture their stories and memories before they fade.  To wake their spirit to come out and share it’s story, revitalizing it’s life, instilling hope and honor in those who feel no one cares.
    To find greatness in each person I meet and  help them believe and embrace that it is real.
    To instill confidence and create a power inside you of understanding that you are important to society and your family needs to hear your values, morals, traditions, advice, wisdom and life’s learnings so we can raise a better America/world with confident, full-filled and strong children.
  • To have the option to be a mom who works from home with an amazing income all because I have met amazing women who help each other reach their goals and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves while doing it with pride and dignity.

Join me, visit and get started.     If you need help in your  Storybook and Project creation, scanning and coaching or training, will kick the scrap out of scrapbooking and make it easy for you. Just contact me and I will help!

How I Got Started

May 2006, I was working my day job, which I loved, when a women came through with her daughter.  I worked in a hospital and some of the tests are hard to do.  This woman was taking pictures of her daughter.  I asked her why.  She said she was going to publish a book.  I was totally confused and curious and I just had to ask her more about what she meant about publishing her own book.  I assumed she was going to use the pictures to help her daughter mentally prepare for future exams by looking at her photos before the exam, but when she said she was going to publish a book I became concerned that she didn’t ask permission to take our pictures.  I wanted to protect the hospital I was working for knowing she would need to sign some kind of legal form before she went ahead with her project.   I felt I needed to know more.  I told my coworkers when the exam was complete I would walk her out to the waiting room.  I just had to get to figure out what she meant.
When we got to the waiting room I asked her to explain more about publishing a book.  She handed me a catalog.  She wasn’t going to publish a “novel” she was using the term publishing lightly when in reality she was just going to create a customized online scrapless scrapook…aka storybook as she called it…. the rest is history! I immediately saw the potential of me finally being able to make my own storybooks and once I showed friends and family they would want to do the same and so would their friends! I asked how much she was making. She said she had done 3 workshops in the last 2months and had made about 300 dollars. I was sold!  approx..7 hours of work?  I knew I could do that after hours. 
I went home that night and at 930pm I signed up and then told Mike, my husband.   He was excited to learn more about it too.  I then called my sponsor and said, “I know you don’t know me, but I think I just signed up under you.”  We have since become amazing friends.

I jumped in head first and have loved every minute. I have created over 50 projects and I keep adding to the list of projects I want to do!

UPDATE on me and my lifestyle change….Since October 2009, the position I held as a Nuclear Medicine Technical Coordinator was elimanated.   I was brought into the back office and told the position was no longer needed.  The decision was based on financial budget cuts.  That day I went home, bewildered and confused.   However, I knew two major things would help me keep going.  My amazing Husband/family and Heritage Makers.   With the promising and proven financial opportunity digital storybooking offers and my continued drive to help others capture their memories before they fade I am now living my dream of staying home with my kids and earning a respectable income.  One of my DREAMS has been accomplished!  I never thought I would be able to actually do it.  But here I am, the decision was made for me and because of Heritage Makers, the company behind digital storybooking and its direct sales opportunity and the incredible people I have met along the way,  I am walking the talk.  I and my family are so grateful for this true opportunity!

I have met so many amazing people who have published their own stories from vacation stories to birth stories to love stories to adoptions stories to life stories.  I have scanned in more than a handfull of scrapbooks to get them archived or to produce extra copies.  I have helped create beautiful canvases to decorate homes and offices.   The ideas and projects are endless.   There are so many magic moments in each project that is created and received.   Each story is an inspiration and important to tell.  I have met successful Personal Publishing Consultants and Clients who live and breathe the mission of our company.