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 I am so happy that you decided to look further into pursuing a career filled with passion, purpose and fun! Not to mention some extra income! The first thing to do, listen to the business opportunity call at the bottom of this page. It will take a bit to download but well worth it. The excitement of this business is overwhelmingly contagious and good! I believe in you and your success! I also believe in keeping it simple. I will be here every step of the way if you want me to be! I will support you in the way you choose to be supported! My hours are 730pm-1130pm. You can call anytime outside of that time as well and leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
I work full time at home with my two boys and dogs, we have two other businesses, I am a mother and a wife…and I still made it to the rank of Director in 4mths with this company! I was the only directory in the mid west! Right now I am the in the top 20 of our consultants and leaders! I don’t call myself busy anymore, I call myself productive. It makes me feel so much better! I want to encourage you to dig into this business and give it a try. I feel this company is a calling.

Studio 3.0 is a one-of-a-kind online system for creating storybooks with no application installation required and no CD-ROMS to buy or carry around. It functions on both a PC and a Mac. It has trackable and repeatable connections to clients, (much more effective than desktop software), and the Premier membership service can result in an “automation” of your business success like nothing else available in direct selling.

Heritage Makers provides the widest selection of products available anywhere, from seven types of bound books to an assortment of cards, family folds and posters, decks of cards, calendars and individual scrapbook pages, cookbooks, day planners, wrapped canvas etc..

We provide products and services that help families and individuals TELL THEIR STORIES. No one else has the same focus and the same commitment to storytelling and to celebrating the POWER of story in the lives of people everywhere. Those who experienced “The Best of Heritage” at the September Reunion will echo this: nobody cares about your stories like Heritage Makers.
It’s important to see just how far we’ve already come in such a short time. We are selling and producing more than 10 times the number of projects we were producing just two years ago. We recently crossed an incredible milestone: 500,000 published books…in only three years! 1 million books isn’t that far away! The mission is possible! We were just awarded #132 in Inc 500 magazine for one of the most fastest growing private companies out there as well as #9 in product and services! That is huge!!! Oprah has put us on her #1 ALL time favorite gifts list! The list goes on!!!

It has been so rewarding to help others build and strengthen the bonds and connections of families by preserve the memories of their family heroes, traditions, morals and values so their legacies can live on after they are gone! One of my favorite reasons for joining this business, well I guess there are more than a few….
*There is no inventory, or territories.
*It is on the World Wide Web!
*I could finally get my books done and get them in my families hands without the mess and with all the options while saving tons of my cash!
*There is no software for you as a consultant or for any of your clients to download or purchase!
*You can work on your projects anywhere there is Internet access!
*Once I have a client, they are my client for life- they are linked to me because of the account number I give them!
*Every project they make I will make commission on whether they are talking with me tomorrow or in 10 years!!
*We can sponsor/partner with small businesses, this means funeral homes, floral shops, photographers, basket weavers, children’s stores, scrapbook stores etc…!!!
*The friendships and people you meet are amazing. I would have never imagined I would have met such incredible people all across the nation!
*The potential income is mind boggling with this ground floor opportunity.
*There are only 6000 consultants NATION wide! There are only about 500 actively working the business! So much potential!
*This is a great complement to scrapbooking.
*We have international fonts!
*Scrapbooks can be scanned in, archived, and have duplicate copies made!
*You can Digitally Scrapbook using over 40000 pieces of artwork to choose from- just think of the money you save from not heading to the scrapstore!!!
*We have an address book, where the company will send your cards for you!
*Once you make a book everyone wants to know how you did it!
*You can charge a design fee for making books for others
*You can earn commissions on Scanning photos or other documents!
*You are paid for your performance! You will earn up to 30-55% in commissions and bonuses!
*I can make my own hours
*I can call my own shots
*You can email your projects to others for free!
*You can do virtual workshops and webinars – our leaders are actually doing them for us you just get your friends and family on these calls and they will do the work for you!
*We have INCREDIBLE training from our team which is priceless, genuine, and always there. Everyone is willing to help! You are not alone if you don’t want to be.
*Build your business and build up to FREE exotic vacations!
*The start up kits are SO inexpensive when you think about how much it cost to start up your own business!
*There is a RETIREMENT PLAN with this business
*WE are in the early growth stages of this company and being debt free with strong financial backing, incredible team of programmers, leaders, vision and tools in place for consultants to use, Now is the right time to get started in this once of a life time opportunity.  Testimonials

  • We have a pay out 45% in comissions and bonuses.  We have 6 ways to pay out for bonuses. Other direct sales only have 2 ways.  If you want to earn 600-1500 a month as a beginning leader you are in the right place at the right time.

Feel free to call me sooner than later or email me, and learn as much as you can to your comfort lever before you make your decision. For me, I knew I could make a realistic goal of working with HM for 5 years part-time and have the choice of staying at home with my family –yes that also mean the option to retire my husband. That is my vision and I know we can make it happen together for both of us!
I am LOOKING FOR LEADERS, Part-time Consultants and Hobbyists. Which one are you?
Don’t miss this Call! Your call might be just about uploaded! it takes a while but WELL worth it!

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