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Digital Scrapbooking, Holiday Hits and Savings!

Holiday Hits! Check out the savings on your gifts!

Save Money When You Publish your project!  See what weeks you will want to publish your project to save and have it in time for the holidays!

Digital Scrapbooking and Stress Relief

I had some time to think about why I love digital scrapbooking so much. I was the girl who never completed a traditional scrapbook page.   I was inspired when I heard of a new term called digital storybooking.   It is a compliment to scrapbooking but different in so many ways.  I have discovered it is… [Continue Reading]

Get started with Digital Scrapbooking.


Digital Scrapbook and project creation “book” camp July 24th 9am

Photo "book" Camp!

Join us by registering for a free online class this Saturday at 9am July 24th.

Digi Scrap or Crop events

Need support on creating your project? Want to come hang out with others who love your hobby and have similar interests?  I host digi crops or digi scrap days/night events.  Bring your laptop or reserve one for the event.  Bring your friends and introduce them to Heritage Makers  Depending on location will depend on how… [Continue Reading]

Creative Design for your personalized projects

Not enough time, not creative, you want a project created you just don’t want to do it, you don’t have the ambition to do it, this is your first time creating a project…whatever the reason for wanting a project but not wanting to create it yourself is okay.  I have been there!
I will do the… [Continue Reading]

Products and Services: Top Quality

What do you know about Heritage Makers?  What goes on at the home office? You know the products you order come from our amazing production line. You know Client Service agents are amazing. You know there are teams of developers and marketers working to get you and your clients the tools you need.  Those are… [Continue Reading]

Amazing Business Opportunity

Earn paychecks of the heart by helping others create their priceless digital photo books and projects

I consider it one of the best products we offer, the business opportunity to help others preserve their memories before they fade. I am so amazed at how rewarding this business is not only in the paycheck but for the many magic moments it brings to so many lives. Stories are very powerful and we… [Continue Reading]

New Digital Scrapbooking Products and more!

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Photo bracelets, Photo Pendants, Board Books, Wrapped Canvas for your photos or artwork, swatch books, History Heros Collection, DVDs.
If you want your child to be educated and instilled with characteristics of our greatest heroes of all time, Now you can! We have a new collection of History Heroes…. [Continue Reading]