Are you a “texture” eater?

For me I love the texture of food.  I just have to have a “crunch” sometimes.   So as I sit here working out my finger typing they are becoming more and more salty…. not because of them sweating but because of the bag of potato chips next to the key board!  Oh no…here it comes….. [Continue Reading]

Easy workout while you are on the Phone!

Okay, I haven’t typed for a while about the workouts that I have been doing but I am proud to say I have lost over 6% of body fat! I don’t think my clothes looks much different on me but I fit into them better!   I have been working my muscles!!!      Here is the… [Continue Reading]

Mad Dash

It happened definitely by chance and has caused me to put creative locks (thanks Doug and Sandy)  on our backyard gates.  
Our little ones LOVE exploring and getting into everything!  The latest thing at our house has been allowing the dogs to be off leash and hang out with us in the backyard. (We have a… [Continue Reading]

Fun workouts for Mom

So, I have noticed my 21mth old is “playing” jokes on me.  He seems to think it is funny to not put his feet on the ground when I pick him up and want to set him back down.  He laughs and laughs and holds his feet up off the ground.. It is actually quite… [Continue Reading]

Fun workouts for Stay at Home Moms

Yesterday I was starting to workout with my kids by turning on our favorite music and dancing away.  Mid way through our “dance off” I had to take a quick sit down break. I sat on the couch and my older son jumped onto the couch and wanted to sit on my shoulders.  I hesitated… [Continue Reading]

Part II Wagon Workouts -Moving with Intention

We had so much fun driving the wagon, we did it again the next day.    To alleviate the stress your lower back I would encourage you to “move with intention”.  What I mean by this is every movement you make whether it is related to wagon pushing or just walking can make a difference.  Pay attention… [Continue Reading]

Wagon Workout for Moms at home

I discovered a new workout, imagine that! Owen is 5 years old and we have been practicing “driving” the wagon.  He will sit in the wagon, grab the handle and I will push from behind.  I am referred to as the “motor”.   The bending over is a killer at times but it makes for some good laughs… [Continue Reading]

“Swing into Action!” Mommy workout #10

I would have never imagined that this would be such a full body workout!  We were at the park yesterday and my youngest son wanted to swing. He wasn’t old enough to swing on his own so I had him sit on my lap.  I didn’t think we would be able to swing very high,… [Continue Reading]

Workout tips for mommas

“Walk” the talk. When you and your neighbors are talking about going on a walk… Do it!  Help eachother get out of bed in the am and sneak out before the kiddos are awake.. or eat a fast breakfast and bring’em with!  You will feel so good throughout the day mentally and you will be so… [Continue Reading]

Workout at the park for busy moms!

Okay, I just came up with this one today.  It was a little weird at first but then after a bit, it turned into fun and I was more focused on my sons smile than any onlookers.   My son told me this morning it was bike ride day.  The first of the season!   It was… [Continue Reading]