What does an Ind. Consultant for Heritage Makers Do?

I provide a service that celebrates life and honors those that are in your family by capturing the stories behind the photos and combining them to create a Storybook, professionally bound, like a library book meant to be loved and cherished for generations.   I will put two links to two completely different outcomes. (you will… [Continue Reading]

Rapid Scanning of photos and documents

I wanted to let everyone know that Target now carries the same amazing scanner that we do.  The cost of scanning at Target I have found ranges by what Target you are going to.  You can do about 200 scans put on one disk for about 10 dollars.  200 scans on this scanner only takes… [Continue Reading]

Scanning Services

Take the dilemma out of getting your photos and documents digital.  Did you know a shoebox of photos can have approx. 1000 pictures in it?!?  No wonder it seems like such a daunting task to get them scanned in, and then once you do, then what?!?    I can help.  I have a sliding scale for charging for scanning as low… [Continue Reading]