Digital scrapbooking, NOT ME!

I would run the other way when anyone talked about scrapbooking. When someone mentioned digital scrapbooking, I thought, NO WAY.  “I am not a scrapper!”    Don’t get me wrong, I envy scrappers and what they can do with their creative energy and the scrapbooks they put together.   Me, NO WAY!  I don’t have the time… [Continue Reading]

What does an Ind. Consultant for Heritage Makers Do?

I provide a service that celebrates life and honors those that are in your family by capturing the stories behind the photos and combining them to create a Storybook, professionally bound, like a library book meant to be loved and cherished for generations.   I will put two links to two completely different outcomes. (you will… [Continue Reading]

Amazing Business Opportunity

Earn paychecks of the heart by helping others create their priceless digital photo books and projects

I consider it one of the best products we offer, the business opportunity to help others preserve their memories before they fade. I am so amazed at how rewarding this business is not only in the paycheck but for the many magic moments it brings to so many lives. Stories are very powerful and we… [Continue Reading]