5 Important Steps for Organizing Photos.

1. I  create a small space for you to work in.  (the larger the space the more piles you will make, NOT neccessary and NOT productive.
2. gather the photos you have been wanting to sort.
3. Have Post it notes, felt tip marker and  two containers – shoebox size, prefferably plastic for protection.
4.  Focus on only making 2… [Continue Reading]

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Are you a fly or a fish?

 Are your photos stuck in your computer? Are you using shutterfly or snapfish? If you answered yes, see what amazingly easy options you have with all the options you need @  www.storybookcoach.com   Create a free account and recieve a free Greeting card to try out the system. -perfect place to create your holiday cards!!!!!   If you… [Continue Reading]

Basic Level Digital Scrapbooking or Storybooking Class and Project Creation

Not sure where to begin? Want to compare this studio to other photo book companies on the web?  We invite you to join us and learn what it would be like to get started in an easy, simple and fun way!  Not good with a computer, no worries, we will take you through step by… [Continue Reading]