Digital Scrapbooking for the NON Scrapbooker

The joy of Not Scrapbooking but still making amazing projects with my photos!

Did I ever imagine that I would be able to go online, find amazing templates to add my photos to and not have to worry about being creative or good on the computer and still make these beautiful family heirlooms?!   I thought I was done taking pictures because  they were just stuck in my computer and the boxes of photos i had.. don’t get me started! 

I was afraid of scrapbooking, I had tried and wasn’t able to complete even a few pages. This was 4 years ago.  I had decided to stop taking pictures because they were stuck in my computer.   I quickly changed my mind when I was introduced to   It offered me everything I needed and more!  I love that I can grow with the program and I am not limited by just a few templates that can’t be modified, or that it stores unlimited amounts of photos and offers me a creative design studio!    I LOVE it!    Here are some projects that I have recently published.  Most have turned into gifts for others!  If you are inspired to do some gifts for your family for the holidays contact me to order one of these specials.

They include Post bound customized front and back cover Scrapbook

11×13 wedding story(gift for my husband’s best man in our wedding for his wedding day) cost to publish $150

20×24 wrapped canvas of our family  $98

11×13 life legacy storybook (family contracted me to create their storybook) $120

wire bound contact book $23

Keepsake photo Bracelet (gift to me=)  35$

8×8 wrapped canvas  (gift for friends new baby)  25$

18×18 Deep Wrapped Canvas for my 7th year wedding anniversary  (gift for myhusband) $117

Deck of playing cards made into table topper $23

2 scrapbook pages that you cannot see, they are already in the post bound book  page 1page 2.  $3.55 each

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