Easy workout while you are on the Phone!

Okay, I haven’t typed for a while about the workouts that I have been doing but I am proud to say I have lost over 6% of body fat! I don’t think my clothes looks much different on me but I fit into them better!   I have been working my muscles!!!      Here is the latest tip.  While you are talking on the phone do some lunges.  Lunges work the back of your leg and buttox area as well as the front of your upper leg and core muscles.    The caller will never know you are doing them unless you tell them.      

Start with your feet shoulder width apart.  Take one large step forward with one leg and begin to lower yourself to the floor as you bend your other knee towards the floor.   Your legs should look like a question mark from a side view (okay, i am trying to be creative)  You may wonder why you are doing them as you are on the phone=).    Raise yourself back up and put your feet back to starting position side by side shoulder width apart.    Try and do 20 alternating each leg each time you bring your self back to starting position.       You can do these as you pick up toys as well=).    Happy Lunging!

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