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Digital Scrapbooking, Holiday Hits and Savings!

Holiday Hits! Check out the savings on your gifts!

Save Money When You Publish your project!  See what weeks you will want to publish your project to save and have it in time for the holidays!

Digital Scrapbook Freebies and Creative Ideas for the Decks of Cards and Holiday Gifts

Digital Scrapbooking and Digital Storybooking isn’t always about the Books.  There are so many different products out there for you to place your photo and stories and memories on.  You can even use products to decorate your home and as alwasy be the number one gift at any occasion!  These examples can be found in… [Continue Reading]

10 Heritage Makers Projects in 10 Minutes or Less

Looking for fun…and quick…holiday gifts? Check out 10 Heritage Makers projects that you can create in just 10 minutes (or less). We’ve put together some of our favorite gifts and templates to show you ways to stuff all the stockings this year.

Set of Holiday Tiles                  Time… [Continue Reading]

Scan in Scrapbooks

Dad's Life Story

Do you want to archive your hard work? Do you want to make duplicate copies of your scrapbooks?  All your effort and just one copy with no insurance?   I can help.   I can scan in  your scrapbook pages.   You can ghen keep them in your electronic files if you ever need them or you can… [Continue Reading]